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I offer professional assistance with the following:


Create an error-free document that is written in good English. Let me help you to convey your message using the correct words and style. I’m a highly proficient and versatile writer who will ensure that your text communicates your ideas in an effective and appealing way.


Polish your document by editing it before publication. I can edit the grammar, spelling and punctuation, clarify the meaning, condense the text, check for consistency, eliminate unnecessary jargon and ensure that the overall style of the document is correct.


Give your document one, final check. I can proofread any final, edited documents or proofs for minor errors and spelling mistakes, as well as ensure that they conform to the right style, format and layout.

Mistakes have nowhere to hide when I'm on the job!


Here are some of my previous work associates and clients.


Writing educational articles for kids


Writing website content

Editing educational guides


Editing academic journals


Writing & editing financial articles and web content


I am a writer and editor with many years of experience in the industry. I always strive for excellence with all my work projects and I have a meticulous eye for detail.

I’m involved in a number of freelance projects and I’m keen to tackle new work, whether it’s within my current repertoire or something entirely new. I’m very organised and can easily adapt to a variety of different work specifications.

If you need a skilled writer or accurate editor, please see my services page for more information or feel free to contact me.

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Comments on my writing, editing and blog.

You are our best writer. Your articles are always well researched and exceptionally well written for our audience. You take special care of structure and wording. Thanks for enormous efforts and for always delivering before deadlines!
A. Vermaak
I am absolutely delighted with what you have written and how you have written it! I guess that is why you do what you do...
M. Welch
Audrey has been involved with editing and proofreading academic journals for our company for a number of years. She is a very obliging, committed and dedicated person who takes pride in all the work she does.

Her editing and proofreading is meticulous, her English impeccable and she has a very good eye for detail. I highly recommend her as an editor and proofreader to anyone who wants to make use of her services.
B. Withers
Your blog is a stunner. Your stories are so original and never a grammar mistake!! And I love your sense of humour which jumps out from the pages.
M. Welch
I just read your blog. You are truly an amazing writer with a healthy imagination. I loved how I could identify certain characters. Your stories really made my day and I had a good chuckle!
E. van der Westhuizen


Visit my blog for a bit of fun, as I recount life’s tales and ponder its mysteries and realities. These are the magical – and sometimes serious or silly – moments that define our humanity, which I have captured in my creative space.

Hope you enjoy these little nuggets on life!

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Ready to start or finalise your next project with a bit of assistance? I'm happy to help! Send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.